MultiStat - MIS Reporting Statistical Analysis System

MultiStat - MIS Reporting and Statistical Analysis Tool

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The MultiStat MIS system is designed for institutions that require additional MIS reporting from existing legacy systems.

The system that works on csv feeds from virtually any time based data and provides graphical and MS Excel reporting views by any data grouping with drill down capabilities to underlying detail records.
Essentially MultiStat provides a DataWarehouse solution within the MS Office suite.

The system provides for the following functionality:

  • Overviews show cross tabulation of month on month contribution made by companies, Offices, departments etc.
  • Period comparisons show the risers and fallers over two periods of time
  • League tables of Customer, Suppliers, Employee performance, Sales campaigns show the biggest and smallest
  • Breakdown Analysis e.g. of customers by geographic location
  • Trend and Year on Year analysis e.g. is a product selling as well this year as last year
  • CashFlow reporting showing lead time/lag between job creation and invoice/purchase order dates
  • Yeild reports showing Gross Margin and Average Gross Margin by customer by department
  • Drill down through the levels to view the actual sales and costs that make up your reports
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