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Compensation Review System

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The Compensation Review System (CRS) is designed for institutions that require to compensate their employees with discretionary bonuses and performance related benefits.

The system provides for multiple sites connected via an institutions Wide Area Network(WAN) with a common central database and local databases for efficient processing.
The system can be maintained for many years, optionally keeping each annual review as an historical 'frozen' archive database, whilst providing an on-going live database between review cycles.
The Compensation Review System provides for multi-currency entry and reporting along with automatic currency conversion at both current and historical exchange rates.

The system provides for the following functionality:

  • Collection of data relating to employees including their historic and current compensation
  • Organising employees into flexible groupings to allow for easy control of the review process
  • Export of review data to MS Excel spreadsheets and automated re-import of recommendations
  • Matching employees to industry market survey data
  • Input of performance related data for this review, including rankings, bonuses and promotions
  • Flexible reporting of bonuses against centralised pools
  • Production of bonus notification letters and employee benefits statements
  • Production of payment reports and downloads for payroll and accounting systems
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